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The largest database of construction professionals
Find pros for the projects of any size, from handyman to a team of licensed contractors we have the largest database of professionals
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Хочу сказать несколько хороших слов о FixingList. Отличная идея, прекрасная реализация. Достойная работа - сервис сделан очень профессионально. Облегчает бытовые проблемы. Интуитивно все функции очень понятны.  Желаем большого плавания вашему кораблю!
Благодаря Fixinglist я за 5 минут нашел мастера по ремонту кондиционера. Удобный поиск показал мне самых лучших мастеров. Обзвонил нескольких и выбрал того, кто мне показался наиболее опытным. В этот же день приехал мастер и сделал все по высшему разряду!
Решили сделать ремонт и тут началось… Расхваленные друзьями мастера заняты! Что делать?! пришлось искать самостоятельно. И нашел на вашем сайте! Ремонт уже закончили. Спасибо вам за ваше верное дело. Теперь у меня есть целая бригада настоящих спецов своего дела. Уже рекомендую своим знакомым.
Учитывая свой очень плохой опыт, полученный в результате предыдущего ремонта, в этот раз решила подойти к делу основательно. Зашла на Fixinglist.com. Изучила фотографии работ и отзывы, оставленные заказчиками. Кстати, они то и помогли мне сделать правильный выбор. Нашла профессионалов, которые качественно выполнили ремонт в положенные сроки и по заранее договоренной цене.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Rules for using Fixinglist.com
Our main goal is to organize a mutually beneficial process for the consumers to select
the professionals. Based on this we hope that all participants in the process will maintain
professional, ethical and responsible behavior.

All FixingList users must be informed and obey to Terms and Conditions that
regulate the use of the site or mobile apps. Our admins have full rights to regulate the site
and approve or reject any profile created on our site. (i.e. delete, modify, approve or dissaprove)
The exceptions can be made only after an approval by one of the admin.

Site administration are not responsible for any financial transactions between any of the professionals on the site
and site users. Furthermore, FixingList and it's founders, employees or consultants are not responsible for any content
created on the site. The content is created by users which makes them responsible for what is being created and to follow
state and country laws.

By using FixingList users are required to post materials that are complied with the norms of the law and ethics and do
not discriminate or harass anyones right. If any material posted on the site will deemed inappropriate the user will be
removed and possible banned from future use of the site. Rules and regulations on site usage and content is a sole ownership
of FixingList and it's shareholders.
Registration Process

The ability to register for Free on Fixinglist.com and it's apps is granted to both users and

To register as a master you need to select the country and city your are from, the site and
category that you want to register in, phone number, email. You also need to have a very
detailed description in your profile, to have a higher chances of getting noticed and ensure
that you have plenty of pictures  of your work, that will make a section process easier for
the customers.
As a customer you only need to fill out an email and your name so we can get in touch and
send youinformation and latest news. Both customers and pros are certainly required to
accept terms and conditions for using FixingList website.
Field marked with asterisk are required.

Reliability of the information provided
At FixingList.com we respect the right over everyone to provide and use
an information on our website. While we cannot guarantee the 100%
reliability of the info provided our moderators are constantly working
to look through the new profiles and constantly improve them. When a Pro
user registers and accepts the terms and conditions, we expect them to
provide the accurate phone number, email and any other information that
is provided in their profile. If the information is unreliable we will
find it and it will result for user removal or even ban from using our
site with or without prior warning. If the information provided will
break the law, the law enforcement authorities will be notified and
informed about the incident.
Confidentiality of the Information

Site administrators and marketing are reserving the right to communicate to its registered
users via email or sms. However, FixingList does not share the information of the users
with any of its affiliates, clients or partners. The information provided is 100% secure
and confidential. We will not spam you and always give you an ability to unsubscribe from
any communication.

While the information on FixingList.com or it's mobils apps are 100% confidential, we
cannot guarantee that someone else will not use the public information for any purpose.
FixingList does not guarantee that the information on its resources are not utilized
for any reasons by third parties.

FixingList administration has the right to suspend any access of anyone to any information
on its resources at anytime.

Fixinglist, its owners, employees, consultants are not responsible for mistakes made by
any third party programs that are used to access to its resources.
Conditions for using the information on the site
To copy or commercially use the information from FixingList.com you need to get an agreement
from the resource administrators. Borrowing this material is considered to be a plagiarism
and is not allowed unless the link to our site is made with the reference.
I did not receive a registration email with the code
First and foremost please ensure that email address provided is the correct email address.
Second please check your spam folder to ensure the email didn't end up there. If you
still didn't locate the letter please try it again and if unsuccessful for the third time
you can notify us and we will resolve your issue ASAP.
I need to change my personal info
You can change any of the information you provided by logging in to your account, clicking
and navigating to the profile page. You can change all the information there and save it.
I have a crew. Can I create multiple accounts?
During the registration Professionals provide their email address and phone number.
The site rules require for this information to be validated and unique. Therefore
only one unique email address can be used for the whole company.
Though the email is unique as a company you can select multiple categories and create
projects in each one of the categories you service. The other option is for individuals
in your company to use their own email addresses and phone number but then the calls
will be routed to that number
How can I post my project pictures to the catalog of work?
Photos of your project works will appear in the catalog once you will upload them in your
profile. You can login to the site, navigate to your profile, select the Projects tab
and add as many projects as you wish and as many pictures to each project as you wish.
After than they will appear in the catalog under the category you selected. Please refer to
manuals on how to move your profile to be first in the catalog.